From Curt Sanders...

Please remember, a lot of work went into this research with many contributors adding to it. We don't mind sharing the information, but some of it comes from copyrighted works who have given me permission to use it for general pleasure and research. Therefore, the genealogical information herein is © 1996+ by Curt Sanders, all rights reserved -- to protect many authors. It may be downloaded and used for research or added to personal data bases provided proper citation is given to me and those located in the Sources for the subject. Please site me or others when doing your research!

It is prohibited to publicly publish this body of work inwhatsoever media for profit without permission. Please ask for any clarifications by emailing me at

I can not be responsible for the information herein as it is a continuous work-in-progress. Great efforts are made to insure reliable data. If you find any errors, please feel free to contact me with any changes.

Although, I, nor anyone else, has had any problems reported to me, I have suppressed certain information within the genealogical records on the website edition; namely, anyone born after 1931 and currently alive. However, anyone born prior to 1930, even alive, will appear on the webpages (the reason being these folks are listed in the 1930 US Census Schedules and therefore a matter of public record).

With increasing concerns about privacy and identity theft, I've taken these measures after a couple of requests and concerns (but again, no problems encountered).

This DOES NOT mean, if your name is suppressed on the website, that you have been eliminated from the database! I use a genealogy software program that allows me to generate the webpages and can prune the data. My own personal files still are intact and I continuely add to the database. (I welcome any additions even if they would be suppressed in the website edition - this makes for a wider "tree" and a more comprehensive family record for future generations.) I will still welcome any queries from anyone who is doing researching that may need info on the living as clues to their past.

Although I take the issue of privacy, seriously, I think it is a bit overblown. I have taken these measures reluctantly...

From my research, unless volunteered from the individual, all data is obtained from official records. (However, as a resident of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the State has begun limiting information in its Vital Records - birth & death - along the same lines.)

However, marriage/divorce records are available in your local courthouse for review without limitations. So are property deeds - all the staple of genealogy work. Also, in a lot of cases, church records are available.

If we are to continue to follow this line of "privacy" reaction, then our local newspapers should stop printing obituaries, marriage notices, engagement notices, births and deaths, and property transfers! I obtain a lot of information just reading them -- again, staples of genealogy and family history research.

Okay, enough of my soapbox! You'll find plenty to work with at the website so enjoy!

Curt Sanders, webmaster, family historian, genealogist