One-tube AM radio kit project

I started this project as a “rainy day” event, but also in memory of my late father, William B. Sanders, who helped me build this very similar one-tube Armstrong regenerative AM radio when I was back in 6th grade. I won 2nd prize in the school's science contest that year. I had a lot of fun with that radio. However, it got lost to time. In 2015, I was gathering up rainy day projects to do and discovered this one on the Internet ( by a fellow amateur radio operator Lance Borden, WB5REX. He has assembled the parts together for this classic radio from the1920s, into a kit.

(1) I used shellac on the wooden base and hard cardboard tube. The tube received three coats, the base six. It took a couple of days because of my busy schedule. The shellac is not necessary, but I wanted a nice clean look and it helps protect against moisture.

The hardest part... winding the coil! It took a couple of tries and lots of patience! Finally, I sprayed three coats of acrylic to help the wires stay in place and protect the product. (Not necessary to the radio performance.)

Laying down the hardware.

And completion....