Photographs from the July 1950 Sanders Reunion,
held in Memorial Park, Rochelle, Illinois. Thanks to Brian Cullison and Dean Sanders for surviving these photos for us and for their parents and relatives memories.

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Front Row (3 children) left to right: Diane Jennings Smith, Maurice Sanders, and Kathleen Sanders.
Back row, left to right: Clare Reed (by the tree), Bernice Sanders Nass, Wayne Nass, Janet Meling Jennings, Charles Stephen Sanders, Anna Sanders Chronister, Verlis Sanders (top of his head is behind Anna), Aaron Meling, Charlotte Sanders Meling, Galen Meling, Marguerite Foss Sanders (her arm is around Maurice), Eugene Sanders, Ernest Sanders, Louella Kuemmel Sanders, James Gabriel Sanders, Dona Sanders Cullison, Robert Cullison.


left to right: John Allen, Beatrice Sanders Allen, Anna Sanders, Madeline Sanders, James Allen, Clare Reed, Bernice Sanders Nass, Anna Sanders Chronister.


 left to right: Helen Reed, unknown baby, Eva Baker Reed, Marian DeCourcey, Marjorie Reed Payne holding Elizabeth Pobstman, Frances Reed Pobstman, Luella Reed, Clare Reed, Harold Pobstman.


 left to right: Marian DeCourcey, Helen Reed, Madeline Sanders, Frances Reed Pobstman, Harold Pobstman.
   The Pobstman family. The two babies in the picture are unidentified, but the adults are (left to right) Helen Reed, Eva Baker Reed, Marion DeCourcey, Marjorie Reed, Frances Reed Pobstman, Luella Reed (wife of Clare), Clare Reed, & Harold Pobstman (husband of Frances).


 Harold Pobstman's family taken during Sanders' reunion of 1949.  In the back row is Frances Reed Pobstman and husband Harold Pobstman.  In the middle row are Harold's  daughters - Mary, Barbara, and Alice - but we aren't sure which is which!  In the front row  is the youngest daughter, Elizabeth, and her brother, Charles.