K3URT - Amateur Radio - Curt Sanders



Technician, 7 July 1994, Smithburg, MD. [Antietam Radio Amateur Club]

General, 15 March 2011, Carlisle, PA. [South Mountain Radio Amateurs]

Extra, 23 November 2013, White Marsh, MD. [AERO Amateur Radio Club]

VOLUNTEER EXAMINER (ARRL, W5YI and LAUREL) accredited until 6 November 2018.


For portable work, I use a Yaseu FT-60 walkie-talkie, FM, VHF/UHF.

My home base radio is an all-mode  Yaseu FT-897D, HF to UHF. Modified with a 500 Hz filter (digital and CW). Using a MFJ-949E for the tuner and SignaLink USB for computer to radio interface for digital operations.


  1. *Diamond Arrow 2-meter/1.25cm quarter wave antenna, 7 meters high.

  2. *MFJ-1768 dual band yagi for 2m/70cm - back in service after a driven element broke during a wind storm. Works very well. Horizontally polarized.

* For 6-meters I use Cushcraft A50-3S 3-element beam 3 meters high.

  1. *For HF a What Is My Antenna?, 33 feet (10 meters) high at center apex; 23 feet (7 meters) at ends. Essentially a 143 foot (44 meters) long doublet fed with ladder line coming into a built in 4:1 balun at the tuner (MFJ-949E). Works FABULOUSLY. I just wish I could get it higher!

  2. *Chameleon EMCOMM II, end-fed Zepp, 60’ (18 meters) long at 15’; NVIS use, 160-10 meters. Works great!

  3. *Dipole antenna for 30 meter band, up 20 feet (6 meters) running north/south.

  4. *Out of service antennas:

  5. *10 meter Extended Double Zepp.

  6. *Experimental W3EDP, but 84 feet (25.6 meters) long. REMOVED. It worked well, homebrewed the ladder line. Will use for emergencies.

  7. *4 element homebrewed cubical quad for 2 meters, 6 meters high. REMOVED. Just not sturdy enough for my windy hill.

  8. *G5RV for 10-40 meters, erected in 2008, but removed in 2013.

COMPUTER: Apple Macintosh IMac G5 (Late 2009 model) with 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 4 Gigabytes RAM, 500 Gigabyte Hard Drive; System 10.9.5

SOFTWARE: Aether 1.6 for my logbook; fldigi for digital work.

Other URL sites you can find me:

  1. http://qrzcq.com/call/K3URT

  2. http://www.qrz.com/db/K3URT

  3. https://pskreporter.info/pskmap.html

  4. http://www.eQSL.cc/Member.cfm?K3URT

  5.   My  QSO Map

ACTIVITIES: I am largely a digital operator, using under 30-45 watts, primarily modes PSK-31 and some RTTY and OLIVIA. Depending on the type of contest, I will use voice. I am not a “rag chewer” type.


Build a High Definition Beer can antenna for digital TV.

Observer # 157052