K3URT - Amateur Radio - Curt Sanders



  1. BulletTechnician, 7 July 1994, Smithburg, MD. [Antietam Radio Amateur Club]

  2. BulletGeneral, 15 March 2011, Carlisle, PA. [South Mountain Radio Amateurs]

  3. BulletExtra, 23 November 2013, White Marsh, MD. [AERO Amateur Radio Club]

VOLUNTEER EXAMINER (ARRL, W5YI and LAUREL) accredited until 6 November 2018.


For portable work, I use a Yaseu FT-60 walkie-talkie, FM, VHF/UHF.

My home base radio is Yaesu FTDX-3000. Digital set up for rig to computer (Macintosh) details here: HTML | pdf

Retired: an all-mode  Yaseu FT-897D, HF to UHF. Modified with a 500 Hz filter (digital and CW).

Using a MFJ-949E for the tuner.


  1. BulletDiamond Arrow 2-meter/1.25cm quarter wave antenna, 7 meters high.

  2. BulletMFJ-1768 dual band yagi for 2m/70cm - back in service after a driven element broke during a wind storm. Works very well. Vertically polarized, up about 5 meters on top of the 6 meter Yagi on a rotor.

  3. Bullet For 6-meters I use Cushcraft A50-3S 3-element beam 5 meters high.

  4. BulletFor HF a What Is My Antenna?, up 8.5 meters) high at center apex; 7 meters at ends. Essentially a 43 meter long doublet fed with ladder line coming into a built in 4:1 balun at the tuner (MFJ-949E). Works FABULOUSLY. I just wish I could get it higher! Runs North/South.

  5. BulletChameleon EMCOMM II, end-fed Zepp, 18 meters long at from 4 to 8 meters; NVIS use, 160-10 meters. Works great!

  6. BulletOut of service antennas:

  7. Bullet10 meter Extended Double Zepp. Worked great, but 10 meters is dead for awhile.

  8. BulletExperimental W3EDP, but 84 feet (25.6 meters) long. REMOVED. It worked well, homebrewed the ladder line. Will use for emergencies.

  9. Bullet4 element homebrewed cubical quad for 2 meters, 6 meters high. REMOVED. Just not sturdy enough for my windy hill.

  10. BulletG5RV for 10-40 meters, erected in 2008, but removed in 2013.

  11. BulletDipole antenna for 30 meter band, up 6 meters running north/south.

QSL POLICY: (all 100%, all welcomed including SWLers, but SWLers please include SASE if possible): eQSL (AG) • LoTW • ClubLog • Direct • Bureau

My Shack photos

COMPUTER: Apple Macintosh IMac G5 (Late 2009 model) with 3.06 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 8 Gigabytes RAM, 500 Gigabyte Hard Drive; System 10.9.5

SOFTWARE: Aether 1.6 for my logbook; fldigi for digital work.

Other URL sites you can find me:

  1. http://qrzcq.com/call/K3URT

  2. http://www.qrz.com/db/K3URT

  3. https://pskreporter.info/pskmap.html

  4. http://www.eQSL.cc/Member.cfm?K3URT

  5.   My  QSO Map

ACTIVITIES: I am largely a digital operator, using under 30-45 watts, primarily modes PSK-31 and some RTTY and OLIVIA. Depending on the type of contest, I will use voice. I am not a “rag chewer” type.



  1. BulletBuild a High Definition Beer can antenna for digital TV.

  2. BulletArmstrong one-tube regenerative AM receiver.

  3. Bullet Morse Code trainer.

  4. Bullet 2-meter cubical quad antenna.

  5. Bullet Simple crystal radio.

  6. Bullet V8 Can HDTV antenna.

  7. Bullet Medium Wave (AM broadcast band) Loop Antenna.

SkyWarn Observer # 157052